FlexStep Case: Danish Parliament - Minister Lobby

One of 4 FlexSteps close to minister offices

Another FlexStep in the old historic building Christiansborg Palace, the location of the Danish Parliament ("Folketinget"). All four FlexSteps are specified and designed in collaboration with the house architect of Christiansborg Palace.

In one of these corridors of political power, connecting the offices of the ministers, a FlexStep makes it possible to go from one level to the next - also in a wheelchair. The FlexStep is fitted with step inserts of long planks of oak like the existing floor. This FlexStep is supplied with a vertical safety barrier for added safety.


The FlexStep stairlift is designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. Developed and manufactured by Liftup, the FlexStep is flexible and equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. FlexStep is an innovative 2-in-1 solution and saves space compared to installing both a flight of stairs and a separate lift.

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