FlexStep Case: Museum East Jutland, Denmark

FlexStep at Museum East Jutland in Denmark

Museum Østjylland in Grenaa (Denmark) is a listed building and thus it is essential that the architecture is preserved. The museum is a listed merchant's farm with several floors from the early 18th century. Even though the building is listed it is one of the museum’s objectives to be Denmark’s most accessible museum.

Museum Manager, Jørgen Smidt-Jensen, says: “More than 10 percent of all Danes have disabilities and to them it can be difficult to visit a museum. Our exhibitions convey our cultural heritage and we want to make our exhibitions accessible for everybody. As we live in a listed building, our objective has been a challenge but it is still possible to create an accessible museum with respect for the old buildings.”

To preserve the architecture of the listed building, FlexStep was chosen as the best solution to create accessibility between the level differences. FlexStep has caused great enthusiasm among the visitors because of its integration to the building’s architecture and the lifting platform does not seem to be an assistive technology for people with disabilities.

A wheelchair user, Vibeke Pagh, has visited the museum and reviewed its availability and she states: “The accessibility of the museum means we can have an experience on equal terms with others. A FlexStep is installed at one of the floor passages. It is a staircase that can be made into a platform lift when necessary. It's a beautiful and discreet solution that takes the original style of the building into consideration and both wheelchair and walking users can operate the lifting platform.”

Vibeke’s partner, Jack Mikkelsen, is a wheelchair user too and he says about well-integrated accessibility solutions: “When accessibility solutions are integrated with the interior, it makes you feel more welcome. As a wheelchair user, we also feel frustrated when accessibility solutions are ugly and stodgy and are not taking the original architecture into account. The possibilities to make buildings accessible without compromising the architecture are available.”


The FlexStep stairlift is designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. Developed and manufactured by Liftup, the FlexStep is flexible and equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. FlexStep is an innovative 2-in-1 solution and saves space compared to installing both a flight of stairs and a separate lift.

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