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Orona-Alma wins award with FlexStep

Friday, October 21, 2022

Orona-Alma Accessibilite recieved the award Les Trophées de L’Ascenseur 2022 on Thursday Oct. 13th.

Liftup's French distributor Orona-Alma receives the prestigious award together with Hôtel de la Marine og TK Elevator for an extensive renovation project on the historical building Hôtel de la Marine in Paris.

The renovation project was nominated in the category Accessibility in Public Spaces and Buildings (Accessibilité dans l’espace public et les bâtiments tertiaires) for the work on securing accessibility in the historical 18th century building.   


The award is the culmination of four years of renovation which included installation of ten elevators and lifts securing optimal accessibility to all rooms of the building.

FlexStep was an instrumental solution in securing access to certain rooms with optimized utilization of the space, and now the history of the building can be retold and experienced by everyone.

Orona-Alma also recieved an award at Les Trophées de L’Ascenseur in 2021 for a project on Observatorie de la Côte d’Azur in Nice. In this project Liftup’s EasyLift was installed to secure accessibility to the upper part of the observatory. Read more.

Hôtel de la Marine

Hôtel de la Marine is a historic building which was built between 1757 and 1774 by the royal architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel on Place de la Concorde in Paris.

The building was originally housing the royal Garde-Mobile, the administration of royal furnishing, together with a library, a chapel, and apartments.

Following the French Revolution in 1789 Hôtel de la Marine became headquarters of the Ministry of the French Navy until an extensive renovation project was initiated in 2015.


The FlexStep stairlift is designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. Developed and manufactured by Liftup, the FlexStep is flexible and equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. FlexStep is an innovative 2-in-1 solution and saves space compared to installing both a flight of stairs and a separate lift.

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