Being active, climbing stairs and generally moving around freely is probably something most people take for granted. Everyday life as an invalid may be a bit different, however. Whether a physical disability is congenital or contracted, it can sometimes lead to a number of challenges in everyday life. At Liftup, we wish to create equal opportunities for all, and therefore offer a large selection of quality products that can make everyday life easier for you as an invalid.

If you suffer from a physical disability, there may be various reasons for this. In addition, complications can vary from person to person, just as a loss of mobility affects individuals differently. No physical disabilities are the same, and thus neither are our solutions. We carry a wide range of welfare products, why there is a high probability that you will also find an aid that fits your exact needs and desires.

Since Liftup was founded in 2003, we have designed, developed, and manufactured lifts, rehabilitation aids, and lifting chairs, and our expanding range has come to be known in most parts of the world. Here, our products are known to be both user-friendly and highly functional, which is also one of the reasons why, over the years, we won a number of acknowledgments for our products, including "Aid of the Year".

Liftup helps you to an easier life, regardless of physical disability

If you are experiencing complications getting around your home because of a physical disability, Liftup is the natural choice for a more trouble-free everyday life. Stairs can be particularly challenging if you are disabled, but we have a number of quality solutions to suit many needs.

At Liftup, among other things, we carry a wide range of lifting platforms, which incorporate the latest trends in design and architecture to fit perfectly into any home. One example is EasyLift the ideal solution for stairs with just a few steps and a platform characterised by its unique design and easy, user-friendly operation. Therefore, this solution is right for those who want a higher level of availability in daily life. The registered lifting principle is your guarantee that you get a comfortable lift every time, and EasyLift can even be used both indoors and outdoors. If you usually need assistance in getting around your home, a lift might also be your aid solution when you are limited by your physical disability. With a lift, you completely avoid the stairs and we naturally take care of both measuring and advice on your installation options.

If you have questions regarding our many exclusive products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience and expertise in technological welfare products, and we are always ready to help you find exactly the solution you can enjoy for many years.

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