Muscular dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a disease which can affect the body's muscles in different ways. However, how the disease manifests itself and is experienced varies greatly from person to person, and while some experience only a few symptoms, others can sometimes be affected by disability. As is probably apparent from the name, the disease may, in some cases, result in a lack of musculature, and here our renowned aids may help make life easier for you. At Liftup, our mission is to create equal opportunities for all, and therefore we keep developing innovative products in welfare technology.

If you suffer from muscular dystrophy, you may experience difficulty with balance and coordination of muscle movements. Here, FlexStep may be the obvious stair lift for those who feel insecure walking.  Our stair lift is designed and manufactured in the highest quality, and is thus a functional aid which can be of great help if you find that your movements have become too uncoordinated.

As mentioned, how muscular dystrophy appears in the individual varies greatly. If, for example, the disease hits in a way which results in reduced strength in the muscles around the hips, it may become more tiring to move around in your home. The reduction of strength can sometimes present challenges with stairs and here, the EasyLift is a perfect aid. This simple lifting platform is designed with a focus on the latest trends, and with this product, you can move around the home - freely, easily and safely.

Wide range of devices for muscular dystrophy

If you experience functional impairment associated with muscular dystrophy, you will always find an award-winning selection of products from us. Many probably take moving around the home comfortably for granted, but with muscular dystrophy, reality can sometimes be a little different.

If you are looking for a product which is a little out of the ordinary, our range of lifts will probably be of interest to you. In many ways, a lift is an exclusive aid which takes you from floor to floor safely and silently. The lift is easy to adapt to any home, and the variety of designs and functional combinations make the product the ultimate choice for those who experience complications associated with muscular dystrophy.

Finally, our HDN is an attractive choice when you literally want your aid to be a natural part of everyday life. This lift integrates easily and elegantly into your home’s surroundings and therefore gives you an aid which you are likely to enjoy immensely. At Liftup, we are always ready to help you, and you are, of course, very welcome to contact us, should you have questions about our many quality products.

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