ALS is a nervous condition which manifests itself in those afflicted to varying degrees. Not only does how progressive the disease is vary greatly from person to person, the force of the disease’s symptoms also seems to vary. If, in connection with ALS, you experience that your muscular function is gradually weakened, at Liftup we are always ready to help you. We offer a great range of welfare products which can make life easier for you when your illness seems to challenge. On this page, you can read more about our award-winning aids which can get you around your residence uninhibitedly, safely and easily.

If you find that the nervous condition affects your ability to move freely, our FlexStep can be a functional aid which can give you great joy in everyday life. The stair lift works both as a regular staircase and as a lift, and you can always get exactly the support you need. The lift is a clever two-in-one solution which is easy to integrate into the existing environment of any room. At the same time, safety is always top notch with FlexStep, and the many different intelligent and synchronised motors ensure that you always have safe and silent transport between the home's floors.

Wide range of aids for ALS

At Liftup, we want to create dignified aids, which is why we never compromise on product design or quality. If, as an afflicted person, you want a better everyday life with greater freedom of movement, you can likely find a product which fits your needs. As the name implies, EasyLift is an aid which, in many ways, is easy to integrate and use. For example, the lift is designed to fit into any home interior. Although we always assign top priority to safety, we also focus on the latest trends in architecture, which is why the lift’s many details will probably appeal to most people. In addition, the product is very easy to use, which means that, as an ALS-afflicted, you will no longer find it difficult to move between the home's floors. 

If you are looking for a solution which really works as a natural part of everyday life, our HDN may be the obvious choice for you. The lift is easily and elegantly integrated into your home’s environment, and is therefore a discrete choice if you are experiencing ALS-related disability. At the same time, the lift is produced with a registered lifting principle, which is your guarantee for a safe lift.

Equal opportunities for all - despite ALS

Although life as a person affected by illness can sometimes seem challenging to both the affected and relatives, there are a number of aids which can allow you to live almost as you did before your illness. In addition to our wide range of stairlifts, we also have an exciting range of lifts which satisfy the needs for many with difficulty walking. Our lift makes it easy for you to get from floor to floor and gives you a quality solution with a particularly safe and reliable technology. At Liftup, we are your ultimate partner in welfare technology products, and we help you with everything from measuring and advice on installation options to installing the elevator.

At Liftup, we are always ready to help you

Availability and health are just some of the cornerstones which have been fundamental to us since the company's inception in 2003. Since then, we helped a lot of people to an easier everyday life, and it is thus not without reason that our products have repeatedly won a number of prestigious awards, including "Aid of the Year". At Liftup, we are proud to be a leader in health technology products that reduce the amount of restrictions to the individual to the least possible.

Whether you are looking for a stair lift, a lifting platform, we are always ready to help you, and you are naturally welcome to contact us if you have questions about our many quality solutions.

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